Server hook up How to hook up a server room? If you have enough computers and some unenclosed space, you can disassemble them and then bend the cases into any shape wall or ceiling you need. Since the cases will define the room, save the innards for use as the servers.

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Sandpapering where the cases meet and welding is better than using hooks -- but sometimes you have to use whats available. For internet you can use a pringles can with a dipole in the back, as someone always has an open wifi nearby.

Creating Our Repository

Setting up a home server running an open-source operating system is a popular and useful activity. Useful in what ways, you may ask. Conceptual Overview Local Hooks Server-side Hooks Summary First, you need to find a way to make sure hooks stay up-to-date amongst your team members.

This thread might interest you, too: An old electricity-guzzling computer may or may not be faster than a new atom-based one, but atom sacrifices performance to get that energy efficiency. That is why I said "If I was personally going to set up a server at home". Yes, it is harder but if you truly want to learn Linux in and out, installing Gentoo is going to net you greater amounts of knowledge than just letting Ubuntu do the job for you.

Conceptual Overview

We should do the usual steps of adding the files and commit with a message:. For internet you can use a pringles can with a dipole in the back, as someone always has an open wifi nearby. These represent most of the available hooks, but the. Maintaining hooks for a team of developers can be a little tricky because the. The script takes no parameters, but is sent the same information as pre-receive via standard input. But you can build an override mechanism into the script itself using the Magic Word technique. Prepare Commit Message The prepare-commit-msg hook is called after the pre-commit hook to populate the text editor with a commit message.

I will note that the Gentoo forums and documentation are great for those who want to learn Linux and are self starters. You can recycle an old computer into a server as follows: I don't know what you want or what you have already.

8.3 Customizing Git - Git Hooks

With residential internet providers there may be bandwidth caps or server restrictions. In my area, cable modem for residential is good. Run your network through a D-Link or other home networking box. The server should attach to the D-Link with an actual ethernet cable -- try not to use wireless for the server if you can avoid it.

Wireless computers like laptops can still access the server via wireless through the D-Link box. You don't necessarily need to get internet service if this is for an internal network at a small business -- a D-Link is sufficient to create a non-internet network for a small business -- but then you won't have updates, external email, access to external websites or access for external visitors, etc.

But I can imagine worksites where this would be a good thing If you are cheap the trick with the pringles can or a small yagi or dish -- use good coax like LMR not the crap they distribute with most wifi verticles really does work, but then you need your server to also be your network router and that's a trickier setup, beyond the scope that I'd advise for a beginner. Either buy a new hard drive or look through the old hard drive for stuff to save. We will be erasing the hard drive.

Local Hooks

ISO file from www. Although Ubuntu server editions has what you need for a web server, file server, etc If you can't follow the directions for making the CD from the ISO file, that is not a good sign because servers are complicated. Or you can find old linux books with CDs on eBay.

Once you have the install disk booted and running, choose the defaults and let it erase the hard disk and install everyting. When it asks about networking, assign each server a static IP address starting with something like It may also ask for netmask, which is If you want an internal or practice server, you are mostly done.

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To attach your server to the outside world, go to the home networking D-Link or similar box. Most have a web interface. Change the settings for Port Forwarding to forward web port 80 or other traffic to the server at Each hook is handed enough information to tell what that event is, what target s it's operating on, and the username of the person who triggered the event.

Depending on the hook's output or return status, the hook program may continue the action, stop it, or suspend it in some way. Please refer to the chapter on Hook Scripts in the Subversion Book for full details about the hooks which are implemented. These hook scripts are executed by the server that hosts the repository. TortoiseSVN also allows you to configure client side hook scripts that are executed locally upon certain events.

Sample hook scripts can be found in the hooks directory of the repository. The hook can be a batch file or an executable. The sample below shows a batch file which might be used to implement a pre-revprop-change hook.