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How Our Services Work In order to offer the best results for every pairing, we invite each of our clients in for a consultation where we thoroughly discuss your requirements. We then set to work finding a suitable match for you.

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We are an elite service company catering to tertiary educated professionals, senior executives and entrepreneurs in the higher income group. Certified by the . Elite matchmaking With a strong presence established across Asia - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, cross border matchmaking services are.

Comprehensive executive matchmaker services As well as offering this personalised dating service, our professional matchmaker team offers a range of extras to help you get the most out of your dating experience. This includes love coaching, which provides you with pre and post-date advice, image consultation, seminars and the premium Meet the Elite service, which is designed to help professionals find matches based on a high standard selection criteria.

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The Date and Match team are happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Simply give us a call, send an email or complete our online form to submit an enquiry and to discuss your 30 minute consultation.

Take a look at some of our successful cases and testimonials to see the great services we can provide for you. After receiving a telephone or email enquiry, we will invite you to a meeting, in order to find out what you think and what you look for in a partner. Please, enter your password.

source url Hong Kong Please select your city. I am willing to pay, if reasonably priced, for a suitable potential date 1on1 preferably or small group.

I am old enough not wanting to mingle with group of strangers and only want to date towards marriage. And I don't want to be forced into silly games or have picture posted on website.

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I am 35yr Chinese female, open to both Asian and Westerners. All depends on how much money you have, right? I know a friend who was 40 something and interested in looking into matchmaking and so she tried the matchmakers route and she said it was pretty steep. But depends on how keen you are to find a mate and how committed. Pfff, I am in the wrong line of work!

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I can't remember how much he said it was but it wasn't too expensive but it wasn't cheap at the same time. I think there's a fine line when it comes to paying for a dating agency, if it's free you can get some timewasters on there but at the same time you don't want to pay lots of money. I think I've passed that age wanting to know new people through networking stuff.

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I don't find those events interesting when you end up with small talks all the time. Justin Credible Part Deux 6 yrs ago If you are shopping for an older "decent" gentleman, be prepared for one that is likely divorced, possibly with kids he has to support and may be willing to have a stable life with you but may not be willing to go the marriage route

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