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The Church would not accept being fixed so a union would not produce any more offspring so maybe this outlet would allow freedom from this concern. Yet neither would it justify the anguish his wife and kids will now have to endure.

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A Lutheran pastor in Michigan resigned recently after being caught sending messages on a mobile gay dating app, according to report on the. Lutheran singles meet at for several reasons: to find soulmates, friends, or love. Lutheran singles register at for these very reasons. There are thousands of profiles of Lutheran single men and single women are available at our free dating site for viewing.

He has since removed his grindr account and told his congregation to ignore everything they seen or heard. That being said, each individual church has considerable leeway and independence so there are some more liberal LCMS congregations and pastors out there, working to effect change in the organization. I was not surprised by their anti-gay positions but truly shocked that they still try to subjugate women in this way…. Fuck this piece of shit!!! I hope he is thrown out of his church and his family abandons him.

He is exactly the type of motherfucker that makes life harder for people like us.


It was high time to expose this man and to make an example of him and to prove a point, GOD works in mysterious ways. Billy Budd The funniest part is that he likes to cuddle. Revecca Armenta And not just when the get found out! I agree that it is just desserts for someone who made a living spreading hate, but I for one am not going to giggle with schadenfreude like some other commenters. Aaron Stephens Marcus Antonius.

I hope he is put through exactly what he has worked to put gay men and women through. Thanks for that, you almost made me pee myself laughing! This guy will be purged of sinful homosexuality by prayer, and will begin preaching the world of God again. Nothing can stop this kind of people.

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Billy Budd All the prayers and faith on Earth cannot over power human consciousness. He will be consumed by his own guilt and not even God can help him. He will be living in his own Hell. If they were outed as kids the outer was probably some stupid classmate who only hurt one person.

Outing a father of 5 ruins plenty lives and saves none. I have mixed feelings about what has happed to Mr. When I finally left the LCMS it was because I challenged my last congregation about its anti-gay stand and tried to get it to let me lead a study of what the bible really says and does not say about homosexuality which, because it would oppose what the official party line of the LCMS, was permitted and caused the congregation leadership to ask for my resignation.

I have great empathy for Mr.

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I hope that Mr. Makela will be able to get some legitimate psychological therapy and be able to come self-acceptance regarding his sexual orientation and get on with his life as a gay man, which would mean probably ending his marriage. Knowing the LCMS he will never work as a pastor again in that denomination. Seems like a lot of people are getting outed by Grindr lately.

Are you really this clueless? I knew you were clueless about political issues, but come on. This pastor was ruining lives of others with his vitriol. He had to be outed as a hypocrite. He was hurting other people, so he fully deserved this sort of scrutiny. As long as religious leaders insist on using shame as a weapon of control, gay men who are victims of this control will reach adulthood damaged and confused.

Some will struggle to exist within a belief system that condemns their deepest selves. Just say no to cults that use shame and threat of eternal damnation to enforce hierarchies and maintain power structures. I find their obsession with gay marriage and culture wars simply deplorable. The war rhetoric is what keeps them going, it seems. I would be interested in chatting: This man have keep videos in his phone and accidentally seen by his wife. People made a deliberate choice, not to pull him aside and warn him that he would be exposed if he kept being anti gay, instead they outed him in the most public and humiliating way possible.

And when did I say I condone what he did? Hardly anything to motivate a gay kid to act on his desires. This guy will be replaced and the congregation will be equally, if not more, anti gay. Stop blaming the pastor or the church for ideas and people that you willingly expose yourself to. Christianity is not going to disappear because you outed some nobody pastor. This is not a case of a Pastor being a hypocrite. This is a case of a gay man being a liar.

He knew what was the requirements of the job before becoming a pastor. So he obtained his position by lying. The karma in my opinion is he was caught being a fake gay man not a lying pastor. I assure you he was gay before he was a pastor.

This is on the gay community, not on the Christian Beliefs. While there is nothing wrong with him being a pastor and secretly on grindr as many people on grindr are on their secretly. And can you blame them. What is obviously the issue is that he posts anti-gay marriage rhetoric. I do not think we should be crowing and laughing about this news. This is SAD — period.

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I agree that it is just desserts for someone who made a living spreading hate, but I for one am not going to giggle with schadenfreude like some other commenters. My heart goes out to that family. Learning a little hygiene and technique will help next time your man insists. Or next time tell your man you refuse! There were other people such as his wife and especially his chldren that were effected by this as well.

No self righteous shadenfreud is worth that in my opinion! Perhaps a better way of revealing this information would have been to approach this Pastor quietly and personally with specific demands or else, in lieu of being outed publicly. The outers could of requested he take a controversial supportive stance in his church and demand he make gay positive public statements. They could of even had a discussion with him and talked to him about coming clean to his wife about it. I get completely understand the anger however it is the low road. Reveling in this one individuals downfall and the gleeful, and self-righteously mean comments aimed at him are further debasing for everyone.

His brother Wayne was recently sentenced to six years in prison for developing a relationship including sexual contact with one of his male students at the very same grade school they all went to. So, this bunch of fags on Queerty is criticizing this cute pastor for doing exactly what they do. Everybody likes dick as if I have to mention that to this crew , and maybe his message on Sunday is a sincere one. So fags, just STFU. Move on, nothing to see here.

Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of christianity homophobia hypocrisy stories and more. Sam Oropeza In the name of the Lord. Randy Lee Olguin Sam Fernandez. Mike Jasinski I see Karma as a Grindr account. Lyon Donnie Those who point fingers and judge others are usually the ones doing wrong themselves. Charles Knight Gonna fill ya with the love of Jesus?? Both gay and anti-gay. J Conrad Hawman Aww. He likes to cuddle. I wonder if he will now live his life honestly. Nico Vasquez of course….

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